A Cry for Peace: The Philadelphia Blues Messengers
by Mike Albrecht

The Philadelphia Blues Messengers believe that not only is a great cry for peace in order for our world, but also a great cry for re-thinking the notion of the inevitability of progress and a global economy.

The internet has made communication possible at speeds that are too dizzying for the human mind. Right now the foundations of what is true with respect to the world wide web are being formed. But it is a closed system. If you search the net, you will only find what is in it. Blues people worldwide must employ this power to refocus human energy towards restoring the earth’s natural balance.

Musicians have always been tuned in to the rhythms and vibrations of the physical and natural world. We have learned from the birds and animals, the rivers, the trees, even the mountains and the rocks. We have told the stories of our respective peoples. We have provided the foundation for dance and the beginning of language.

Music is a direct connection to basic life energy. The bards of Ireland and the griots of Africa have always been there to reconnect people to the cosmic truth, as political and military powers have come and gone.

What must be done? The Philadelphia Blues Messengers are only a part of the worldwide consciousness of musicians. Blues Messengers - traditional musicians - from all continents are hearing the call to take action to heal the planet - to slow the frenetic pace that the “progress” of “developed” nations have foisted upon the “undeveloped,” indigenous peoples.

There are geologic centers of power that our ancestors knew. There are old ways, nearly lost now, which must be rediscovered. People are hearing this cry from Mother Earth. The Philadelphia Blues Messengers are foretelling the day when musicians from every continent will assemble in these places of power and make a great cry, a joyful noise, and a new covenant to restore the balance of feminine and masculine energy. The call goes out to all people: scientists, poets, dancers, artists, healers, religious, workers, mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons.

Chief among these must be the shamans who still mediate between the earth and the people who still venerate the earth. These lands and these peoples must be respected. A sustained groove and song of life and healing for all people and all life is needed for our planet. We must breathe where we live and live where we breathe.

So we speak. To see the truth you must speak it clearly.
Let’s start here in the Mother City.
Check out the band here:

Blues Messengers


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