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GurrumulGurrumul and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra
‘His Life And Music’

“Australia’s most important voice” – Rolling Stone Magazine

Gurrumul and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra are thrilled to announce the release of ‘His Life And Music’. Recorded Live at the Sydney Opera House in May 2013 as part of the Vivid Festival.

‘His Life And Music’ captures the artistic spirit of one of the nation’s most extraordinary artists, and will be released physically and digitally on December 6.

The live recording features Gurrumul as you have never heard him before, in a world-first collaboration with The Sydney Symphony Orchestra, performing a collection of songs from his award winning albums.

Read the entire press release here.

Mercan DedeMercan Dede says he’s like a vagabond reed flute
(Photo: Sunday’s Zaman, Isa Sisek)

Interview with Ali Petkas, Istanbul

Turkish DJ and reed flute player Mercan Dede released “Dünya,” his first studio album in six years, this month.

DJ Arkin Allen, aka Mercan Dede, is back in the limelight with a new album following a six-year break since his last studio release.

Released this month via Onearth Records, “Dünya” (Earth) is the newest offering from the 47-year-old musician, born Arkin Allen in 1966 in Bursa, and known in Turkey and around the world for his signature blend of Sufi music traditions with contemporary electronic tunes. In a recent interview in Istanbul, Mercan Dede speaks to Sunday’s Zaman about how he came up with “Dünya” and what he did during the six years in between.

Full interview here.

Gráinne YeatsA Tribute to the Music of Gráinne Yeats by Mairéid Sullivan

Legendary Irish harper, singer and historian Gráinne Yeats passed away on April 18, 2013. The Irish Times published her death notice here: https://notices.irishtimes.com/26035391 Gráinne Yeats was the first professional musician to revive and record the ancient Irish wire-strung harp.

Her beloved husband Michael Yeats (son of W.B. Yeats) died in January 2007. Their daughter Síle (journalist and producer at RTÉ) died in September 2007.  She is survived by 2 daughters, Catriona and Siobhán, her son Pádriag, and grandchildren.

I had the great honour of conducting extended interviews with Gráinne on two occasions. First in March 1999, for my book Celtic Women in Music (1999). Gráinne was in her mid 70s when I interviewed her again at her home, in Dundalk, Ireland, in October 2000. This YouTube video is a short (1:22) excerpt from the October 2000 interview.

Full feature here.

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Gurrumul and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra ‘His Life And Music’

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Low Country Suite

T-Bone Burnett ~ The True False Identity

Civil Wars

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and jazz-pop siren Norah Jones aren’t the most logical collaborators on paper, but they’ve found a common ground in their mutual love for the Everly Brothers.

With their collaborative country-folk LP, Foreverly,  Armstrong and Jones have crafted an album-length tribute to the Brothers’ 1958 album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.More info here.

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