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Review by Don Heckman, LA Times, November 5, 1999

"If you want to find out about something, who better to ask than someone who does it for a living? And Celtic singer Maireid Sullivan was the perfect choice to be the author of "Celtic Women in Music," a collection of interviews with many of the major female Irish artists. The Los Angeles-based Sullivan is a highly regarded vocalist with a particular interest in exploring and sustaining the philosophical roots of Celtic culture. As such, she has interacted with her subjects in a fashion that has an impressive degree of forthrightness, both on a personal and professional level.

The 30 artists profiled range from such veterans as Dolores Keane and Grainne Yeats to such high-visibility current performers as Loreena McKennitt, Eileen Ivers and Sheila Chandra. Some of the most insightful entries are those in which Sullivan's interest are most in sync with interviewees: a fascinating conversation with singer Noirin Ni Riain touching on everything from gender issues in Celtic music and the Catholic Church to comparative thoughts on the pain and pleasure of performance; a historically informative interview with singer-harpist Maire Ni Chathasaigh; and an entirely different perspective on Celtic music from American-born singer Connie Dover. The book is an easy and fascinating read, with Sullivan's gentle but persistent questioning allowing her subjects to illuminate themselves in a fashion that inevitably provokes a desire to hear their music. "

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