Cath Connelly and Greg Hunt
Song Line - Thin Place
(Cracked Records 0076)

Song Line - Thin Place is a beautiful collection of traditional and original Celtic arrangements. Three years in the making, the musical collaboration between Cath Connelly and Greg Hunt is finally realised ! This refreshing album brings together traditional Celtic tunes and contemporary arrangements, bringing these tunes to life and take the listener on an uplifting journey.

Some duets like Cath Connelly and Greg Hunt have that elusive characteristic that allows the whole to become greater than the sum of its parts. Others - no matter how proficient the players involved may be, simply don't gel .

The duo generates a calming atmosphere, the kind that radiates out from an unhurried tempo, tasteful arrangements, instinctive communication, and ample ability. This is gorgeous, often delicate, music, more akin to chamber music rather than to a raucous session at the neighborhood pub.

Some notes about the title:

Song Line is an Aboriginal concept which has several meanings. The ones throughout this album are connectedness, the gathering of experience and knowledge from the spirits of our ancestors by travelling on special physical paths and singing the country.

Thin Place is where the veil between the here and the hereafter appears so thin that you can almost reach out and touch the other side; a reference to the Celtic idea of certain times, places and experiences such as death, sacred sites and deep friendships.

There are fourteen songs presented here, and several tunes are graced by guest appearances. The other musicians who contributed to this beautiful disc are Cyril Moran on guitar, Maria Forde and Katherine Male on vocals, Jeanette Gerri on whistle, Keiryn Lientschnig on cello, and David Sanders on piano.

I enjoy this recording immensely and have played it many times and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Review by Ben Kettlewell



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