"Blind Date"

( Cue Records, Cue 1120) cd 1997


This is the second release by this very talented Dutch duo. The groups first album, "Being There" ( no relation to Peter Sellers 'Chauncy Gardner' character) was a big hit in Europe. Their new release "Blind Date" is similar in style but covers a bit more musical territory. Too few people in this genre have explored beyond the cosmic music of mid-70's Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.There's been Lightwave, Michael Stearns, and a few others, but there's not much of that sort of music around at the moment, especially so, such music that is highly creative and with its own identity. On their earlier cd release Syndrone expressed great spacious expanses, and cosmic esoteric music seemed to be their forte. Yet, a touch more down to earth, with this strangely titled disc, Syndrone has tried to create a music of great depth, with the accent on melody and infectious poly-rhythms. Often, having such an attitude to musical creation takes the music to very strange realms, towards early Cluster or even the atmospheric realms of Frose's early solo albums. The palette ot sounds is extremely rich and varied. Syndrone is certainly one of the most creative and original synth duos around at the moment, and as their second musical statement , it's very impressive!

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