Aarktica - 'No Solace in Sleep'

Afro Celt Sound System - 'Volume 2: Release'

Airwaves - 'Second Shift'

Amoeba - 'Watchful'

Ashley / Story - 'Drop'

Ash Ra Tempel - 'Gin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall'

Ash Ra Tempel - 'Friendship'

Audioasis - 'Audioasis'

Axiom of Choice - 'Niya Yesh'

Sara Ayers - 'Sylvatica'

Stephan Baer - 'The Dark Frontier'

Michael Thomas Berkley - 'Artic'

Mark Biehl - 'Landscapes'

Bionaut - 'Au Naturel'

Biosphere - 'Cirque'

Richard Bone - 'Electropica'

Richard Bone / John Orsi - 'A Survey of Remembered Things'

Richard Bone - 'Tales from the Incantina'

Ron Boots - 'Current'

Ron Boots - 'Screaming Whispers'

Michael Bross - 'Soul Fragments'

Jim Cole & Spectral Voices - 'Coalescence'

Jim Cole and Spectral Voices - 'Sky'

Alpha Wave Movement and Jim Cole - 'Bislama'

Jim Collins - 'The Church Of Gary Numan: A Dark Celebration'

Corporation - 'Breed'

Rick Cox - 'Maria Falling Away'

Cyber Zen Sound Engine with Matt Borghi - 'The Intercepted Transmissions'

Michael Allison, aka Darshan - 'Darshan Ambient'

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Kelly David - 'Broken Voyage'

Matthew G. Davidson - 'Blue Forest Mass'

De Giacomo - 'Asa Nisi Masa'

(Sola Translatio) Alio Die and Opium - ''Mother Sunrise'

Djam Karet - 'Reflections From The Firepool'

Dweller at the Threshold - 'No Boundary Condition'

Forest Fang - 'Gongland'

Gandalf ~ Sacred River

Lisa Gerrard & Jeff Rona ~ A Thousand Roads OST

Jeff Greinke - 'Cities in Fog'

Paul Haslinger - 'World Without Rules'

David Helpling - 'Sleeping on the Edge of the World'

Erdem Helvacioglu ~ Altered Realities

Bob Holroyd - 'Hollow Man'

Hungry Ghost - 'Sugar Skulls'

Biff Johnson - 'Mirage at the Crossroads'

James Johnson - 'Surrender'

Giles Reaves, Spacecraft and Geoff Koch: audio David Turner: animation -'Kaleida' DVD

Karda Estra - 'A Winter in Summertime'

Al Gromer Khan & Amelia Cuni - 'Monsoon Point'

Kingfisher - 'Vesica Piscis'

Christian Høy Knudsen - 'Hav'

Saito Koji - 'Luck'

Mars Lasar - 'Karma'

Lacoon - 'Immersion'

Eirik Lie - '12 Bilder'

Paul Lehrman - 'Ballet Mécanique'

Lightwave 'Cantus Umbrarum'

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Vasco Martins - 'ApEiRoN'

Mimesis ~ 'Art Imitating Life'

Byron Metcalf- 'Not Without Risk'

Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig with Steve Roach
- 'Wachuma's Wave'

Vidna Obmana - 'Memories Compiled 2'

Vidna Obmana - 'The Surreal Sanctuary'

Patrick O'Hearn - "So Flows the Current'

Ornament - 'Bleu'

Jeff Pearce - 'Vestiges'

Jeff Pearce - 'To the Shores of Heaven'

Jeff Pearce - 'The Light Beyond'

Jim Pietkivitch - 'Spiral Journey'

James Potter - '13 Drones'

Dave Preston - 'Soundtrack For Motion'

Rapture - 'Beyond Borders'

Colin Rayments - 'Continental Divide'

Robert Rich, Alio Die - 'Fissures'

Robert Rich - 'Seven Veils'

Robert Rich - 'Humidity'

Robert Rich - 'Somnium'

Robert Rich –' Medicine Box'

Vicki Richards 'Time in Between'

Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf - 'The Serpent's Lair'

Steve Roach & Steve Lazur - 'Time of the Earth'

Steve Roach - ''CORE'

Steve Roach - 'Streams and Currents'

John Rose - 'Cosmogenesis'

Gordon Rhyne - 'Innerstellar'

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Ned Selfe - 'Errands in Paradise'

Jonn Serrie - 'Century Seasons - 'The Space Music of Jonn Serrie'

The Tunnel Singer, Lee Ellen Shoemaker - 'Water Birth'

The Tunnel Singer (Lee Ellen Shoemaker) - 'Night Skies'

The Tunnel Singer (Lee Ellen Shoemaker) - 'Sailing the Solar Wind'

Spacecraft - 'Summer Town'

Michael Stearns 'Within - The Ninth Dimension'

Michael Stearns - 'Spirits of the Voyage'

Michael Stearns - 'The Middle of Time'

Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger - 'Sorcerer'

Saul Stokes - 'Outfolding'

Syndrome - 'Blind Date'

Surgeon - 'Force + Form'

Fountainhead ( Robert Scott Thompson) 'Cloud Cover'

Robert Scott Thompson - 'The Silent Shore'

Robert Scott Thompson - 'Air Friction'

Robert Scott Thompson - 'Frontier'

Tim Sparks -'Tanz'

Phil Thornton - "Alien Encounter'

David Tollefson - 'Near and Far'

Twilight Circus - 'Other Worlds of Dub'

Tuu & Nick Parkin - 'Terma'

Vir Unis - 'Aeonian Glow'

Various Artists - 'Floatation'

Various Artists - 'Cousteau's Dream'

Various - 'The Oasis Explorer'

Various - 'The Ambient Eclipse'

Various Artists- 'Syntonic Waves Vol.5'

Various Artists- 'Multimood Sampler, 1986-1996'

Various Artists- Greenosophy - 2012

J. Arif Verner - 'Through the Timeless'

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Vir Unis & Saul Stokes - 'Thermal Transfer'

Carl Weingarten - 'Blue Faith'

Chuck Wild - 'Liquid Mind IV, Unity'

Chuck Wild - 'Liquid Mind VI: Spirit'

Chuck Wild - 'Liquid Mind VIII, Sleep '

Doctor Wise - 'Toward the One'

Erik Wøllo - 'Guitar Nova'


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